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151 Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1804 April 28

Public Auction

The Commissaries of the Vendue advertise that on Tuesday the 8th of May will be Exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, by Order of Mr. O. J. Laurin, at his Store on the Lot of Mr. H. Beis, opposite that of Charles Vincent Esqr: - A large and general assortment of Dry Goods, Provisions, Liquor, Ironmongery, Glass and Earthen Ware, &c. &c. just imported in the Ship [a blank here], Capt. Van Dyck, from London.
April 28th 1804. Brereton & Kingston. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
152 Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1804 July 07

Cs. Van Dyk Commanding the Ship Sir John Borlase Warren, will positively sail with the July Convoy, whether full or not, requests those Gentlemen whom will favour him with Freight, to send it on board as soon as possible. Has excellent accommodation for Passengers. Demerary, 7th July 1804. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
153 Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1804 June 02

C. Van Dyk Commanding the Ship Sir John Borlase Warren requests his Friends to send their Produce on board, as he will Sail with the second Convoy for London.
Demerary, 2d June 1804. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
154 Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1805 April 06

C. Van Dyk informs his Friends that he is just arrived in the Brig Sarah from London, and intending to return to that place in the next Month (May) he takes the Liberty of requesting their assistance in the Loading of his vessel, she being Coppered and Copper-Fastened, and only One Year Old; stands the first Class at Lloyd's. - Address at O. J. Laurin Esqr. Werk & Rust, opposite whose Premises the Vessel now lays.
Demerary, 6th April 1805

CAPITEIN C. VAN DYK, doed zyne Vriende bekend maaken dat hy kortelings in de Brik Sarah van LONDON gearriveerd is, en van meening zynde om aanstaande Maand May, naar gemelde plaats terug te keeren, neemd de vryheid hunne hulpe te verzoeken,, in het Laaden zyner Vaartuyg, het welke met Kooperen bouren en Spykers gebouwd, en met Kooper beslangen is, staande de Eerste Classe op Lloyds; te bevraagen, by de Heer O. J. LAURIN op Werk & Rust, voor welkers gebouwen het Vaartuyg nu legt. Demerary 6e April 1805.

Met de Brig Sarah Capt. C. Van Dyk van London aangebragt en by O. J. Laurin, op de voorgronden van de Plantagie Werk & Rust, voor civiele prysen te Koop, teegens Contante betaaling. - Boter, Kaas, Worst, gerookte Tongen, zoete Oly, brood Zuiker, Speceureyen, Gord, Plantagie Timmermans en Kuiper gereedschappen, Spykers in sorten, Sleepnetten, Lynen, nettegaare, Chais en Carricle Tuygen voor 1 en 2 Paarden, Zadels, Toomen, Mans en Vrouwe Parasoles, mans, vrouwen en kinderen Schoenen, Laarsen, Neger kleederen, Salempoeris, Bonten, Callicos, Gingams, Sitsen, geborduurde Musline, Camerdeek, Catoen Baptist, Irsch Linnen, Dimity, Handschoenen, mans, vrouwen en Kinderen Hoeden en Kousen, Perfumeryen, Styssel, Een Parthy Galantereyen, Spiegels, &c. Madeira Port en Roode Wynen, Porter, Ale, en nog diverse andere Goederen.
Demerary den 6e April 1805. O. J. Laurin.

March 30. Ship Minerva, Capt. Wm. Brown, from Africa.
April 1. Ship Elbe, Capt. Chs. Downie, from Madeira.
April 2. Brig Sarah, Capt. C. Van Dyk, London.
April 4. Schr. Hannah & Betsey, Capt. Saml. Clarke, from Biddeford.
April 4. Brig Juno, Capt. Alexr. Reith, from London.
April 4. Ship Highlander, Capt. Allen Stevenson, from Sunderland.
April 5. Schooner Ires, Capt. Thos. Davis, from George Town. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
155 Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1805 May 18

Captain C. van Dyk of the Brig Sarah, for London, will certainly Sail with the June Convoy, whether full or not. Demerary, 17th May 1805. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
156 Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 April 05

C. Van Dyk, of the Snow Hercules, just arrived in this River, being determined to sail again with the Convoy appointed for the 18th inst. requests all those who have goods on board to apply for the same without delay. He means to reload with Coffee and Cotton only. For Freight or Passage, apply to V. A. Heyliger, Esq. on Plantation Good Fortune, or to the Master on board. The Hercules now lies off Le Repentir.
N. B. Those Gentlemen who have engaged to ship their produce in the above vessel, are requested to be in readiness.
Demerary, April 5, 1806.

- - - - - - - -

Just imported in the Snow Hercules, C. Van Dyk, and for sale by the Subscriber, at his store on Werk and Rust, for Cash, or Produce Cash Price.
Irish linen, cotton shirting, lace, muslins, ginghams, cambrick, dimity and cords, linnen and cotton checks, calicoes, britannias, Madrass and Pullicat handkerchiefs, Gentlemen's gloves, black muslin, salempores, romal handkerchiefs, Hessian Boots back strapped, military ditto, half ditto, , strong and dress shoes, silk patent hats, beaver ditto, ladies' and children's ditto, saddles and bridles, jockey whips, ropes of different sizes, fishing lines, lanthorns, camp kettles, tea kettles, coffee bagging, negro hats, blue cloth jackets, check shirts, silk umbrellas with walking sticks, fishing seine, seine and sewing twine, paint of different colours, paint oil, indigo, starch, table knives and forks, dessert ditto, carving ditto, sour crout, Irish butter, hams, cheese, claret in cases, port wine, cherry brandy, porter, Burton ale, cyder, Stoughton's elixir, fine Hyson tea, black pepper, blooms, raisins, almonds, nutmegs, cloves, loaf sugar, Scotch barley, pearl ditto, white wine, vinegar, sallad oil, soy, catsup, tarragon vinegar, queen's sauce, capers, girkins, onions, anchovies, fine table salt in baskets, nails assorted - 6d. 8d. 10d. 12d. 20d. and 22d; an elegant table service, queen's ware, China tea sets complete, plates, soup ditto, India shades, ring-neck decanters, tumblers, water glasses, &c. &c.
Demerary, April 5, 1806. C. Smit, J.C.Z. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
157 Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 April 19

April 14. Ship Hannah, J. Brown, for London.
April 14. Brig Andalusia, C. London, for London.
April 14. Brig Valerius, F. Gross, for America.
April 14. Schooner Sally, S. Silvester, for Baltimore.
April 14. Brig Salerno, Th. Try, for Dublin.
April 16. Ship Cumberland, W. Langley, for London.
April 16. Ship Jane, A. Kennier, for Glasgow.
April 16. Brig Peel, W. H. Manners, for London.
April 17. Ship Jane, I. Thompson, for Liverpool.
April 17. Ship Resolution, G. M'Lean, for Boston.
April 17. Ship General Hunter, M. M'Phail, for Greenock.
April 17. Brig Henry, I. Smith, for London.
April 17. Ship Fame, P. Williams, for Liverpool.
April 18. Sloop Wealthy, J. Clark, for New London.
April 18. Sloop Blackbird, I. Tynes, for Barbados.
April 18. Brig Montpelier, R. S. Tibbits, for Portsmouth.
April 18. Ship Belleisle, H. Douglas,for Glasgow.
April 18. Brig Hercules, C. Van Dyk, for London.
April 18. Ship Ben Lomond, - Mitchell, for London. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
158 Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 April 26

Run Away from on board the Hercules, C. van Dyk, Master, on the night of the 19th instant, Three Sailors, with a small Boat belonging to the said vessel. The bottom of the Boat is painted black, with a yellow streak above, and a black one over that. The inside is tarred to the rising, and above that yellow; black thwarts, yellow seats, stern sheets lead colour, and four black oars, about 8 feet long, with yellow blades. Whoever will give such information to the Office of this Paper, as may lead to the recovery of the above boat, will be handsomely rewarded.
Demerary, April 26, 1806. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
159 Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 April 04

Imported in the Ship Triton, Capt. Van Dyk, from London, and for Sale by the C[illegible] or Package, on very reasonable Terms, for Cash or approved Credit,
[first column]
Choice pieces smoked beef, Dried and pickled tongues, Red herrings, Pickled tripe, Westphalia hams, Pine and loaf cheese,
Dutch and Irish butter, Kegs of sour crout, Dried beans, split pease, Barley, oatmeal, Boxes ling fish, Hyson tea, refined sugar, Vinegar, olives, capers, Celery seed, mustard, India soy, fish sauce, Raisins, currants, almonds in shells, Black pepper, mixed spices, Stoughton's elixir, Fine old red port, cyder, Beer, ale, porter, Seltzer water, Small boxes of Eau de Colog [sic]. Arquebusade, lavender, and rose water, Best and plain hogskin hunting saddles, Officers' military saddles, Ladies' saddles, Very handsome single horse chaise harnesses, Double and single bridles, Saddle cloths, girths, Jockey whips, Umbrellas, Gentlemen's silk hats,
[second column]
Black and blue superfine broad cloth coats, Riding coats, Dimity & cotton pantaloons, Fashionable waistcoats, Flannel and nankeen jackets and trowsers, Fine Welch flannel skin waistcoats with sleeves, Black silk waistcoats, Head and shoe brushes, Oriental and Naples soap, Violet powder, Pots and rolls pomatum, Tooth brushes and powder, Writing desks, Red morocco cases with 2 elegant white ivory handled razors, gold mounted, and straps in each, Shaving brushes, Gentlemen's dressing cases complete, Earthen and glass ware assorted, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, & 30 Nails, Paint of all kinds, Paint Oil, Soap, starch, candles, Dutch pipes, Seines, seine and sewing twine, Cotton bagging, Irish linens, cotton checks, Ginghams, blue niccanies, Salempores, platillas, Wood hoops, &c.,
[end columns]
Plantation Stores and Provisions, pre other late arrivals from England, are also for Sale on the best Terms, for Cash or approved Credit, by
New Town, April 4, 1807. James Robertson. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
160 Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 April 11

Capt. C. Van Dyk having been disappointed by some of his Friends not shipping their promised Produce in time, is obliged to wait until the next Convoy, when he is determined to sail full or not. He has room for about 200 Bales of Cotton, with which he hopes to be speedily supplied.
He at the same time requests all those who have any Demands against him in his prive[accent], or on account of the Ship Triton, to come forward within the course of a fortnight and settle the same. His Domicilium is at the House of C. H. De Munnick, Esq.
N.B. He also hopes that those who are indebted to him will come forward with payment.
Demerary, April 11, 1807. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
161 Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 February 28

Feb. 23. Brig Hunter, E. Woodbury, from Portland; Feb. 23. Brig Liberty, I. Perkins, Kennebank [sic]; Feb. 23. Brig Fame, P. Williams, from Liverpool; Feb. 23. Brig Alexander, Bugbee, from Penobscot; Feb. 23. Brig Barbados, O. Lewis, from Barbados; Feb. 23. Brig Mary Anna, I. Harris, from [not stated]; Feb. 23. Brig Scipio, I. Barkley, from [not stated]; Feb. 23. Brig Princess Royal, T. New, from [not stated]; Feb. 23. Brig Economy, W. Ross, from [not stated]; Feb. 23. Brig Ab[?]ona, W. Ellis, from [not stated]; Feb. 23. Brig Grenada, I. Duke, from [not stated]; Feb. 23. Brig Speculator, N. Le Seuer, from [not stated]; Feb. 23. Brig Triton, C. Van Dyk, from London; Feb. 25. ? Betsy, J. White, from Wiscasset; Feb. 26. ? Queen, I. Meares, from Liverpool; Feb. 26. ? Stabroek, [?] Cooley, from New London.

- - - - - - -

The Subscriber has for Sale, for immediate Payment, the following Goods, arrived in the Ship Triton, Capt. Van Dyk, from, [sic] London, viz.
[first column]
Best Irish Butter, Hams, Pine and Loaf Cheese, Bologna Sausages, Sour Crout, Pickles assorted, Capers, French and Spanish Olives, Fruits in Brandy, viz. Peaches, Apricots, Gages, and Cherries, Sugar Almonds, Dragees, Anniseeds, Cinnamon drops, Ginger Seeds, Mottos, Orgeat, Capillaire, Raisins and Almonds in Flasks, French Plumbs, Currants, White and Brown Sugar Candy, Sago, Spices, Black Pepper, Hyson Tea, Loaf Sugar, Anchovies, Barley, Split Peas, Sweet Oil, vinegar, Hoffman's Cherry and Raspberry Brandy, Old Hock, Best Claret, Old Port, Porter and Small Beer, Stoughton's Bitters, Essences of Celery and Parsley, Paint and Lamp Oil, Spermaceti and Neatsfoot ditto, White Lead, Green and Blue Paint, Cordage, Seine and Sewing Twine, Cotton and Coffee Bagging, Canvas, Osnaburgs, Negro Jackets, lined and unlined, Women's Wrappers, Negro Blankets, Ditto Hats, Blue Pennistone
Fine Large Rose Blankets, Mattrasses complete, Hessian and Back Strapp'd Boots, Dress and strong Shoes, Ladies' Black Jean and Spanish Leather Slippers, Kid ditto, Ditto embroider'd with Gold and Silver, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Black Patent Silk Hats, Servants' Glazed Do. fully trimmed with gold and Silver
Boys' Fine Beaver hats, Men's Common Hats, Black, Blue, Windsor, and Mixt Superfine Cloth, Black and Blue Kerseymere
Ready made coats, Ready-made Fine Blue Cloth Trowsers, Ditto Jackets, Ready-made Flannel Jackets, Very Elegant Gold Snuff Boxes, Do. Tortoiseshell, Gold and Silver Mounted, Gold and Silver Spectacles, with Cases, Gold and Silver Thimbles, Silver Table Spoons, Do. Tea Do., Do. Soup Ladles, Ivory Toothpick Cases, Gold Miniature Lockets,
[second column]
Gold Watch Keys, and a variety of Jewellery, Steelyards of the Dutch standard, some to weigh 200 lbs. and some to weigh 500 lbs., Money Scales, assorted, An Assortment of Saddles, Bridles, and Jockey Whips, Coarse and Fine Irish Linen, Fine French Cambrick, Fine linen Pocket Handkerchiefs, with handsome Borders, Table Cloths, Diaper, Pieces Towelling, Platillas, Britannias, Dowlas, Brown Holland, Gown Patters of New Fashion Muslin, Printed Callicoes, Elastic Silk Braces, Green Baize, Green Gauze for Window Blinds, Men's and Women's Cotton & Silk Stockings, Half Stockings, Brown & White Cotton Night Caps, Bed Tick, Wax and Spermaceti Candles, Mould Do. Soap, Mill Grease, Elegant Plated Cruet Stands, Glass Shades, Vase Lamps, Globe Lamps, Barrel Lamps, Plantation Lamps, Hand Lanthorns, Goblets, Tumblers
Wine Glasses and Decanters, Japanned Coffee Biggins [sic], Black Silk Handkerchiefs, Furniture Paper assorted, Sets Black Tea Ware, Best Scented Powder and Pomatum, Lavender Water
Honey Do. Rose Do., French & British Essences assorted, Mahogany Dressing Cases complete, Tooth Brushes and Tooth Powder, Looking Glasses, Small Ditto, Coffee manaries, Ditto Sieves, Snuff in Canisters, Glue, Starch and Blue in Boxes
Men's Gloves, 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, & 30d. Nails, Chissels, Hinges assorted, Vat Hoops, Puncheon Hoop Rivets, Pump Tacks, Brads, Window Bolts, Brass Chamber Door Locks, Iron Do. Desk Locks, Whip Saws, Cross-cut and Hand Do., Files for Do. Hammers, Cotton Gin Cranks, Iron Saucepans, Copper Scummers and Ladles, Smoothing Planes, Jack Do. Long Do.
Knives and Forks assorted, Oats, Sheet Lead,
[end columns]
Feb. 28, 1807. P. Verbeke. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
162 Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 June 06

June 1. Sloop Blackbird, J. Tynes, for Barbados.
June 3. Sloop Hiram, L[?]de Angh, for New York.
June 3. Ship Penelope, S. Bryan, for Liverpool.
June 3. Ship Choice, P. Slope, for Liverpool.
Ship Triton, C. Van Dyk, for London.
June 5. Brig Claude Scott, W. Croft, for Liverpool.
June 5. Ship Eglintown, W. Hamilton, for Glasgow.
June 5. Ship Pelican, A. Bowes, for London.
June 5. Brig Union, W. Kind, for London.
June 5. Snow Westbury, W. Gray, for Liverpool.
June 5. Ship Tarleton, D. Jackson, for Liverpool.
June 5. Ship Alexander, R. Scott, for Clyde.
June 5. Ship General Hunter, H. Mosson, for Liverpool.
June 5. Ship Norfolk Hero, K. M'Askill, for London.
June 5. Ship Amelia, L. Shadforth, for London.
June 6. Ship Duke of Kent, Jas. Dougall, for Dublin.
June 6. Brig Nancy, Edw. Wilson, for Dublin.
June 6. Brig Betsey, A. M'Laine, for Belfast. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
163 Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 March 07
C. Van Dyk of the Ship Triton, requests that all those who have Goods on board the said Ship, will immediately come for the same; as he wishes to reload, being determined to sail with the first Convoy.
Rio Demerary, March 3, 1807

Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1807 March 07

Imported in the Ship Triton, Captain Van Dyk, from London, and for sale by the Case or Package on very reasonable terms for Cash or or [sic] approved Credit: -
Choice Pieces of smoked beef, dried and pickled tongues, red herrings, pickled tripe, Westphalia hams, pine and loaf cheese, Dutch and Irish butter, kegs sour crout, dried beans, split peas, barley, oatmeal, boxes ling fish, hyson tea, refined sugar, vinegar, olives, capers, celery seed, mustard, India soy, fish sauce, raisins, currants, almonds in shells, black pepper, mixed spices, Stoughton's elixer, fine old red port, cyder, beer, ale, porter, seltzer water, small boxes of eau de cologne, acquebusade, lavender and rose water; best and plain hogskin hunting saddles, officers military saddles, ladies saddles, very handsome single horse chaise harnesses, double and single bridles, saddle cloths, girths, jockey whips, &c. umbrellas, gentlemen's silk hats, black and blue superfine broad cloth coats, riding coats, dimity and cotton pantaloons, fashionable waistcoats, flannel and nankeen jackets and trowsers, fine Welch flannel skin waistcoats with sleeves, black silk waistcoats, head and shoe brushes, Oriental and Naples soap, violet powder, pots and rolls pomatum, tooth brushes and powder, writing desks, red morocco cases with 2 elegant white ivory handled razors gold mounted and straps in each, shaving brushes, gentlemen's dressing cases complete; earthen and glass ware assorted, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, and 30dy nails, paint of all kinds, paint oil, soap, starch, candles, Dutch pipes, seines, seine and sewing twine, cotton bagging, Irish linens, cotton check, ginghams, blue niccanies, salempores, platilles, wood hoops, &c.
And a complete assortment of Plantation Stores and Provisions per other late arrivals from England are for Sale on the best terms as above for Cash or approved Credit, by
James Robertson.
New Town, 7th March, 1807. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
164 Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1808 February 12

ENTERED. Ships Triton, C. Van Dyk, from London; Fortune, John Wilson, Ditto; Planet, W. Langley, Ditto; Oeconomy, W. Ross, Ditto, Amelia, J. Craige, Ditto; Grenada, W. Brown, Ditto; Maxwell, J. Edwards, Liverpool; Fame, P. Williams, Ditto; Richard, W. Crost, Ditto; Caledonia, J. Thompson, Glasgow; - Hope, J. Fox, Boston. Brigs Unio 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
165 Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 April 09

Ships Kelton, G. Hewison, for Liverpool; Ariadne, G. Johnston, Greenock; Lavinia, B. Sharp, Newfoundland; Duke of Kent, James Dougal, Glasgow; Neptune, W. Frier, Liverpool; Queen, J. Mares, Ditto; General Hunter, E. Oldham, Ditto; Harriott, Js. Clarke, London; Samuel Braddick, G. Ford, Ditto; Mary Ann, W. Service, Ditto; Amelia, John Craig, Ditto; Hibernia, C. Kewley, Belfast; Planet, W. Langley, London; Triton, C. van Dyk, Ditto; Oeconomy, W. Ross, Ditto; Fame, Philip Williams, Liverpool; Flora, Geo. Ravely, Ditto; Eglintoune, W. Hamilton, Glasgow. Brigs Mary, A. Birnie, New York; Phillis, J. Smith, London; Ulysses, E. Wardropper, Dublin,; Union, W. Kind, London; Caledonia, J. Stewart, Glasgow; Hero, R. S. Tibbetts, Boston; Trafalgar, Jno. Gibb, London. Bark Redic, Th. Keen, Nivis. Schrs. Polly, S. Greenland, Boston; Industry, J. Phillips, Ditto. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
166 Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1808 March 19

Positively with the First Convoy

The Ship Triton. All those Gentlemen who have engaged to load wn the above, are earnestly requested to ship their Produce immediately, there being hardly sufficient time left for the proper stowage of the Cargo. On board the same ship are still some Packages marked as under:
P.B. One Bale.
P.H. in a diamond, one Bale.
D.W. No. 1 and 2, two Casks Dry Goods.
The Owners are requested to come forward and claim them upon shewing sufficient documents and paying the expence of the Advertisement.
Likewise all those who pretend to have any claim against C. Van Dyk prive, or ship Triton are requested to come forward within a week of the sailing of the above-mentioned Convoy, at the House of C. H. De Munnick.
Demerary, 19th March 1808. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
167 Johanna Catharina is NIE die dogter van Abraham Wilhelm Casparus VAN DYK en Francina Catharina Dirkje TALJAARD soos sekere bronne aangee nie. Sien haar moeder (Christina Geertruy Margaretha NIEMAND 1748-1835) se sterfkennis. van Dyk, Johanna Catharina (I201)


THE Undersigned are extremely sorry to announce the confirmation of the death of Capt. C. Van Dyk, of the ship Granger, late from this River; which melancholy event took place in France, in consequence of the severe wound he received in the thigh, in the action between said ship, and the French privateer L'Aigle, on the 1st of May last. He leaves a disconsolate widow and three children, bitterly to lament his loss.
Demerary, October 10, 1812.
V. A. Heyliger,
C. H. De Munnick. 
van Dijk, Cornelis (I14322)
169 VAN DIJK, Private, H W, 1436. 3rd. South African Horse. 24th October 1916. Age 24. II. D. 9 van Dyk, Soldaat Hendrik Willem (I4144)
170 VAN DYK, Air Sergeant, J H, 94333. 24 Sqdn. South African Air Force. 10th December 1941. Column 248. van Dyk, Lug-Sersant Johannes Hendrik (I4886)
171 VAN DYK, Lieutenant, G G J, 103541. South African Air Force. 2nd October 1942. Age 25. Son of G. C. M.
and Elena H. J. van Dyk, of Velddrift, Cape Province, South Africa. Column 267. 
van Dyk, Lt. Gerhardus Gideon Johannes (I5388)
172 VAN DYK, Private, CHRISTOFFEL HENDRICK, 133. South African Medical Corps. Died of sickness 16th October Age 23. Son of Johanna Margreta Van Dyk, of Poole's Bay, Hermann's, Caledon, Cape Province, and the late Hendrick Van Dyk. Sec. 4. 98360A van Dyk, Christoffel Hendrik (I2349)
173 VAN DYK, Private, G C, 1202. South African Railway Services. 22nd October 1918. 131. van Dyk, Private Gert Cornelius (I6016)
174 VAN DYK, Private, LODEWYK WESSEL GERHARDUS, 23562. 1st Regt. South African Infantry. Died of influenza 11th October 1918. Age 28. Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Lodewvk W. G. van Dyk, of Lermarmo 6. van Dyk, Lodewyk Wessel Gerhardus (I6087)
175 Vergete helde - Die Witterivier verdrinkings
As kind het my ouers by geleentheid op naweke ons uitgevat om te gaan piekniek hou en braai. Dit was gedurende die 70's in die Boland en ons het op Wellington gebly. Een van die "braaiplekke" was onderandere "1ste & 2de tol" bo in Bainskloofpas, so 'n paar kilometer anderkant die "spookhuis"se afdraai. Ek onthou die geswem in die kuile, my Pa se braaivleis en dat byna elke groot klip wat ons kon omrol, 'n skerpioen onder hulle gehad het. Min het ek geweet watter tragedie daar afgespeel het byna 80 jaar tevore!

Ek gaan nie hier die storie oorvertel van hoe dit gebeur het nie, Lawrence G. Green het in een van sy briljante boeke, Beyond the City Lights (bl.98-101) dit vasgevang. (Klip op die skakel onder vir die kort verhaal)
Wat ek wel wil oordra uit 'n genealogiese oogpunt is hoe ek tehore gekom het van Lourens Charl VAN DYK en sy jonger broer, Francois Johannes VAN DYK.
Met my navorsing oor stamvader Evert van Dyk se nageslagte, het ek onderandere op 'n grafteen afgekom in een van Ceres se begraafplase met die volgende beskrywing:
Ter Nagedachtenis
Lourens C. en Frans J. Van DYK
Strevende om anderen te redden zijn zij omgekomen in de Witte rivier op den 23sten Mei 1895 in den ouderdom van 23 en 21 jaren.
Wel... dit het dadelik my aandag getrek en ek moes net meer uitvind!
Die offisiële registers kon niks oplewer nie, so ek het begin Sterftekennise soek.
Nou ja, vir die wat nie weet nie, die afstand tussen Ceres en Wellington is so 50km, maar daar is groot berge tussen in. Ek het groot geword met die gedagte dat aan "ons" kant van die berg het ons Wellington en Paarl gehad (Kaapstad het nie getel nie) en aan "hulle" kant, Ceres, Tulbagh, Wolseley en bietjie verder Worcester.
Dieselfde Witterivier waarvan die grafsteen praat, ontstaan in die eintste berge, maar die rivier kom uit na aan Wolesley en Ceres se kant.
Onthou ook dat ek by daai stadium nog glad nie die boek van LG Green gelees het nie en ek het verkeerdelik aangeneem die manne het verdrink iewers onderkant Ceres in die rivier.
Nadat ek deur Ceres, Tulbagh, Wolseley en ook Worcester se gewone bronne gesoek het, kon ek NIKS vind nie en wend my toe maar na van die Facebook groepe.
Daar vind ek toe uit dat 'n groep-lid dink hy het so 'n storie gelees in een van L. Green se boeke en jouwerklikwaar, daar staan dit groot geskryf: Die kinders was by Hugenote Kollege op Wellington!
Ek het uiteindelik hulle SK's opgespoor onder die Paarl se leêrs en die les wat ek van die patalje kon kry, moet NOOIT iets as vanselfsprekend aanvaar nie!
van Dyk, Lourens Charl (I3250)
176 VERMEULEN Geslags Register (2011)
g11 Catharina Johanna VERMEULEN
<3478> (2564/x), * Napier 02.01.1905,
Napier 26.02.1905, † 26.07.1985,
Napier begraafplaas >ø NG. Kerk,
Doopregister, Napier x 14.08.1934,
Coenraad Adolf VAN DYK <3566>,
* 17.10.1890, † Napier 16.03.1974, Napier
begraafplaas > Een kind is uit die huwelik
van Dyk, Coenraad Adolf (I1493)
177 VERMEULEN Gsslagsregister (2011) 584 i1
Christoffel Johannes VERMEULEN <490> (583/x), * Napier 13.08.1925, Napier 11.10.1925, † Port Elizabeth 28.04.1990, Napier begraafplaas. 02.05.1990 >ø * NG. Kerk, Doopregister, Napier , NG. Kerk, Doopregister, Napier , † Boedels in besit van die Meester van die Hooggeregshof/Staatsargiewe. Boedel verw. MOOC Nr. 3223/90, Alta ROUX, Genealoog van Hendrina. >> Kinders (2): 585, 586 x Napier 31.10.1953, Zacharia Johanna (Percy) VAN DYK <493>, * Tuinplaas, Napier 16.06.1922, † Karl Bremer Hospitaal, Bellville 09.05.1981, Napier begraafplaas. 12.05.1981 >ø † Boedels in besit van die Meester van die Hooggeregshof/Staatsargiewe. Boedel verw. MOOC 3203/81, Alta ROUX, Genealoog van Hendrina. 
Vermeulen, Christoffel Johannes (I1155)
178 10 Green Street van Dyk, Sara Juliana Sieberhagen (I5651)
179 102 S.A. General Hospital, Italy van Dyk, Lieutenant Leslie Lionel (I5796)
180 11 South Road van Dyk, Klaas Peters (I7007)
181 13 Xb:r (Dec)
van Hans Jacob Brits, en Dina
Olivier; de getuige Alida Willemsz.
- Alida 
Brits, Alida Aletta (I578)
182 14 Bloem Street Leibbrandt, Johann David SV-PROG 2 (I3813)
183 14 jaar van Dyk, Nicolaas Willem (I1508)
184 142 Breë Street Naylor, Isobel Ruth (I3216)
185 1739
15 Maart, Johannes Botha van Cabo voornoemd
Burger aan Drakensteijn, wed:e
Helena du Toit van Cabo voorn:d weduwe
van Aart Olivier 
Familie F3800
186 18 Dreyer street, Rugby van Dyk, Lodewyk August Wessel (I9652)
187 18 Nov 1860 - Willem Casparus & Johanna Margaretha
30 May 1862 - Willem Johannes & Johanna Magdalena
25 Jan 1863 - Willem Johannes & Johanna Margaretha
29 Nov 1863 - Willem Johannes & Johanna Margaretha
27 Nov 1864 - Willem Casparus & Johanna Magdalena
09 Apr 1876 - Willem Casparus & Johanna M.
30 Aug 1884 - Willem Casparus & Johanna Margaretha 
Groenewald, Johanna Margaretha (I208)
188 18 Nov 1860 - Willem Casparus & Johanna Margaretha
30 May 1862 - Willem Johannes & Johanna Magdalena
25 Jan 1863 - Willem Johannes & Johanna Margaretha
29 Nov 1863 - Willem Johannes & Johanna Margaretha
27 Nov 1864 - Willem Casparus & Johanna Magdalena
09 Apr 1876 - Willem Casparus & Johanna M.
30 Aug 1884 - Willem Casparus & Johanna Margaretha 
van Dyk, Willem Casparus Johannes (I58)
189 1878
Gedoopt te Houtboschberg op den 24sten Februarij
1878 door den predikant L.G.F. Biccard
1023 Nicolaas. geb. 2 January 1878
Ouders Frans Johannes Elof van Dyk
Susanna Maria Joh. Petronella van Dyk geb. Snyman
Getuigen Alewyn Johannes Smit
Cornelia Sophia Venter
Johannes J. Strydom
Anna Joh. Cath. Strydom 
van Dyk, Nicolaas (I4741)
190 1975 Boek wys hy was x Rosina MAZURIK, maar sy was eintlik getroud met Burger Wynand *24.05.1867, sien haar Sterfkennis en Testament. van Dyk, Burger Wynand (I5659)
191 1st. Avenue Appelgrein, Roelof Johannes (I689)
192 Ten minste een lewende individu word vermeld in hierdie nota - Besonderhede weerhou. van Dyk, Gerbrecht Elizabeth (I8627)
193 2018-09-03: Sterfkennis se foto nie beskikbaar by FS nie. van Dyk, Maria Magdalena (I1663)
194 21 Cavendish Square van Dyk, John Gabriël (I18478)
195 22 Salmon Street Looper, Agnes Maria (I3478)
196 22 Salmon Street van Dyk, Marjorie (I14183)
197 22 Sherlock Street van Dyk, Jacobus Cornelius (I5712)
198 22 Sherlock Street Pietersen, William Johannes Badenhorst (I5753)
199 2278/02 van Dyk, Roelof Johannes (I2201)
200 24-26 Februarie 1721 van Dyk, Burgert (I1018)

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